Our soutions
and areas of interest

Strategic Solutions

SAFTAS delivers solutions in areas that require high rates of information processing in high volumes. In order to deliver solutions where conventional technologies and solutions fail under the volume of such information, requires specialty technologies to be developed. Such requirements are strategic and come from governmental agencies and international corporations of certain size in telecommunications and finance industries.

SAFTAS employ own developed technologies in order to deliver the solutions for the strategic requirements of governmental agencies. No third party hardware or software vendor dependence is allowed in our solutions.

Solution Areas

  • Central Telecommunication Reguation Systems
    Solutions for the governmental telecommunication regulatory authorities enabling regulatory control, verification and central provisioning over nationwide telco and mobile operators and the market.
  • Anti-counterfeit Prevention Systems
    Nationwide central solutions for regulated markets, with physical and electronic central trace & tracking systems covering all players.
  • Internet Content Tracing Systems
    Content detection over the internet and peer to peer file sharing networks and rights management systems.
  • Internet Information Collection Systems
    High scale internet information collection systems in specific topics or languages with pipeline processing enabling classification, categorization, content extraction and enrichment.
  • General Purpose and Vertical Search Engines
    Web scale search engine based on the content collected from internet. Search engines can be targeted to specific vertical industry and enables domain specific content and query processing.
  • Special Projects
    Please contact us for governmental information processing solutions.