High volume,
High scalability,
High performance

SAFTAS develops technology in three key areas.

I. Streaming Information Processing

In areas where information flows at very high rates, it is vital to analyze and extract knowledge based on predetermined scenarios. Results can be of hierarchical alerts, trend spotting and thresholds for risk analysis and assesment.

II. Big data analysis

Enables us to deliver results with large amounts of data where conventional database technologies and ETL approaches fail to even load. Based on the requirements of the solution, results can be in the forms of trend analysis, temporal analysis and relationship detection through graph and social network analysis (SNA) for decision support and assesment.

III. Heterogeneous information Acqusition & Search Engine

High capasity information acqusition from the internet is the first step in producing results based on open source information. SAFTAS has the technology for high throughput information collection and access to collected information through search engine technologies. Some technologies that enables us to deliver access to millions of items within seconds are:

  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Information extraction
  • Machine learning
  • Classification & clustering
  • Recommendation engine
  • Collective intelligence
  • Feedback based on searchstream and clickstream
  • Query intent detection